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Volume 11, Issue 51: Looking Back

2021 is quickly drawing to a close. Despite the challenges it had, part of us wants to hold on to it, while another part of us is happy to bid it farewell. I think coming to the end of a challenging season is often sweet. This is because however hard the time was, we made it through.

What do you see and feel when you look back at the ending year? How did we fair on our goals and intentions? It's time to look back and see where we made it and where we didn't, so we can make the necessary adjustments to do better in the new year.

How did we fair in our health and fitness goals? In our financial goals? In our relationship goals? In our spiritual development goals? In our career goals? In our intellectual and emotional development goals and so forth?

Looking back, what kind of mistakes did we make? Which mistakes did we repeat? What did we learn from our mistakes? How did we apply what we learnt? Did we change course or did we only regret but made no adjustments in our conduct?

Looking back, whose lives did we impact for the better? Who did we positively influence? Who did we help? Did we meet new people, make new friends? Did we break away from unbeneficial associations? Did we make the phone calls, pay the visits, give the gifts?

Looking back, did we go the extra mile or did the bear minimum in our goals, at work and relationships? Did we honor our commitments? Did we hold grudges or did we forgive offenses? Did we exhibit kindness and extend mercy? Did we represent Christ well? Did we walk in faith or in fear?

We can't move forward well without first looking back. Let's all take a moment to look back at how we faired in 2021. Write down the good and the bad. Pardon yourself for the bad. Then forge the way forward for the new year.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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