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Volume 12, Issue 02: What Now?

Now that we are beginning a new chapter, what now? What are we going to do about it? I think every new beginning should have a kick to it. It shouldn't be business as usual.


What do you want to do this year?

What do you want to accomplish this year?

What goals do you want to go after this year?


What do you want to continue doing?

What do you want to stop doing?

What do you want to start doing?


What things do you want to add to your schedule?

What things do you want to drop off your schedule?

What things do you want to do differently?


How do you want to show up this year? In your career, in your relationships, in your finances, in your health and fitness, in your walk with God, in your marriage, in your parenting, in your friendships, in your learning, in your giving, in your appearance, and so forth.

From your experiences last year and the years before, what brings you joy and what doesn't? Which events will you go for and which ones will you pass? Will you stand up for your truth of just flow with the tide?

Will you make your voice be heard, let your light shine or will you let the darkness in the room rule the day? Will you play your music or let other people's music flood the air? Will you make a stand and confront ills or will you fade in the background? Will the people in the room know that you are around? Will your presence be felt?


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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