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Volume 12, Issue 13: Unbothered

When we get hurt or offended by someone, especially from a misunderstanding or wrong assumption or accusation, we desperately want to get heard by them. We want to tell them that what they thought about us isn't true, that we didn't do or say or mean what they think we did or said or meant. That they were wrong about us.

We go to lengths trying to explain ourselves, then we want them to be remorseful for misjudging us and to apologize. But sometimes that doesn't happen. The person who wrongfully accused us and offended us doesn't admit they were wrong and apologize. What do we do then? What should we do?

We let it go. We decide to be unbothered. We accept that they are never going to see things our way and let them be. It comes time a when we have to let go of the offense and take the high road. How do we do this?

  • By being too big to care. We decide to play at a higher level than them, refuse to care about their behavior.
  • By being unmoved by their behavior. We decide to not be moved by their behavior.
  • By not magnifying the offense with our attention. We decide to remove our focus from them and the offense and focus on things worthy of our attention.
  • By remaining unperturbed. We accept that they will never see our side and and stop trying to win them over.
  • By remaining calm. The Bible cautions against fighting with a fool. When we remain calm, we come out on top.

Choose to be unbothered by the offenses laid on you by others. Take the high road, and you will come out on top.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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