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Volume 13, Issue 16: Reflected Experience

Experience is not the best teacher, reflected experience is. What do we have if we do not learn from our experiences? We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience.

Sometimes life is forgiving enough to bring us the same challenges. We must endeavor to learn from our experiences such that the next time the same challenge that we didn't handle well the last time we faced it comes around, we tackle it like a pro.

The same challenge the second time around should not master us. But it will master us not only the second time around, but also the third and fourth times around if we don't stop to reflect on the experience.

I was reminded of this the other day when I was faced with a challenge of the exact nature I faced a year ago. Back then, that challenge took me by surprise and I handled it the best way I knew, to the best of my understanding. But I later realized that I handled it all wrong. I was ignorant of how to handle situation and as a result I made a mess of things. It took me awhile to clean up my mess after.

This time around I know better. I stopped myself when I began to panic. Then thought through the right course of action from what I learnt from the last experience. I have purposed to follow through this right course of action until the situation is resolved.

Have you ever faced a similar challenge more than once and handled it the same incorrect way and ended up with unsatisfactory results each time? Take time to reflect on those experiences with the intention to learn from them.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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