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Volume 13, Issue 19: Move On Quickly

If you find that you have made a mess at something, there's no point putting yourself down over it for an extended period of time. Once you come to terms with it, quickly admit your wrong, ask for forgiveness, and swiftly move on to make amends and leave the mess behind you.

The Bible says, "There's no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus". What God seeks is a truly repentant heart. We read in the fifty first chapter of the book of Psalms that "A contrite and broken heart the Lord will not despise." Therefore once we sincerely repent of our wrongs, the Lord forgives us immediately.

Having asked for forgiveness from the person you wronged, and received forgiveness from the Lord, you should quickly forgive yourself and move on. There's no point hanging on to the matter and putting yourself down over it.

Even if the person you wronged refuses to forgive you, quickly forgive yourself and move on. Similarly, when you are the one wronged, quickly forgive the offender and move on, even when they are not sorry. Being human, we cannot avoid getting offended and offending others occasionally. Get in the habit of moving on quickly from offenses.


For His Glory,

Lillian Chebosi



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